About Us

runnerisms (noun)


1. Characteristics, traits, or quirks often exhibited by runners

2. A company dedicated to creating fun and original shirts that let the world know you run, even when you aren't running.

As a runner with almost 30 years of experience, I've come to realize one thing - runners are a unique breed of people with some pretty odd behaviors.  Have you ever seen a runner jogging in place at a stoplight... or heard one complain because their GPS said the race course was long?  These "runnerisms" are the basis for my brand!  It's my chance to create t-shirts and gear that celebrate the odd quirks and innate traits that bond the weekend warrior to the Olympic level athlete. 

When I created the "Runnerisms" store, I made two major decisions. First, I'd create gear that was more than just words across a shirt.  The designs would be fun, non-offensive, and celebrate the things that made runners awesome.  Secondly, I'd only print on shirts that I'd want to wear myself... meaning I've chosen the softest and most comfortable t-shirts on the market.  

As Runnerisms grows, I invite you to be part of the community. It's my goal to grow this simple store into a much bigger community where runners can share their experiences, come for training advice, and get feedback on the latest releases in running footwear.  I hope you'll join me for the run!