About Us

runnerisms (noun)


1. Characteristics, traits, or quirks often exhibited by runners

2. An e-commerce store dedicated to creating fun and original shirts that let the world know you're a runner, even when you aren't running.

As a runner with over 30 years of running experience, I've come to realize one thing - runners are a unique breed of people with some pretty odd behaviors. Have you ever seen a runner jogging in place at a stoplight... or heard one complain because their GPS said that the race course was long? These "runnerisms" are the basis for my brand. It's my chance to create t-shirts and gear that celebrate the odd quirks and innate traits that bond the weekend warrior to the Olympic level athlete.

When I created Runnerisms, I made two major decisions. First I'd create gear that was more than just words on a shirt. The designs would be fun, non-offensive, and celebrate the things that made runners awesome. Secondly, I'd only print on shirts that I'd personally want to wear - meaning I've chosen the softest and most comfortable t-shirts available on the market.

As Runnerisms grows, I invite you to be part of our community. Follow us on social media. Share your stories and your runs. Let us know what you'd like to see us do next. There's nothing I enjoy more than getting to know runners and I hope you'll join us for the run.