A better way to do race shirts and team orders

Race Directors

What makes us different?  We don't believe in using stiff, ill-fitting tees (aka rotten cotton) when it comes to races. Why?  Because we know that after a well organized race, good swag is the primary reason runners come back to a race year after year.  For that reason, we use only the softest and best fitting tees available... the same quality tees we use for our retail store.

But wait... isn't that more expensive?  

It doesn't have to be.  To lower costs, we've developed the online collection model, offering all races an exclusive collection in our online store.  This means we'll take your race logo and design hoodies, long sleeve tees, tumblers, and more at no additional charge with a portion of all proceeds going back to your organization.  Promote the collection in conjunction with the race and you could drastically offset the cost of your entire t-shirt order.

Click HERE to view a sample collection.

Teams and Groups

Traditionally, if you wanted to order team t-shirts or hoodies you'd have to get sizes from your entire group, submit them all at once, collect the money from each individual, and then wait for the bulk order to get made.  We've created a better way!

You provide the design (or give us an idea of what you're looking for) and we'll create an entire custom collection of tees, hoodies, long sleeve tees, hats, and more for your team.  Orders can be placed directly through our website and will be sent directly to the recipients home upon completion.  No middle man required.

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